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  • Rua das Pedras street
  • Rua das Pedras street
  • Rua das Pedras street
  • Rua das Pedras street
  • Rua das Pedras and Chez Michou at night

Rua das Pedras Ride in Buzios

By: Buzios Turismo

The eclectic street has a little more than 600 meters, but it is charming from the begining to the end. The Rua das Pedras is a ride where you can enjoy the best of the urban world: fashion, art and gastronomy. Restaurants and bars to talk and enjoy the various nationalities, styles and beautiful people that make the street a great place to meet and flirt. Feel transported to an unimaginable world, enjoying a beer in a bar or a wine at a restaurant, or an art gallery or craft fair. The Rua das Pedras meet the opposites each other and embrace the good taste!.

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Rua das Pedras in Buzios

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